and I have been a stone doomed to rolling
Hey hey, I am changing LJs, flist!

Henceforth I shall be somebraveapollo .

I probably won't start posting regularly, but, check the cool new layout. Yuletide letter. I'm doing Yuletide and have no idea how that happened.

Go forth and re-friend if you so wish - no pressure either way.

alas, earwax
Whoa, so, my week was singularly horrible, and so was most of my friends'. How are you, nice people? Tell me something cheer-uppy!

In nicer news, I love Revenge now, apparently, does anyone watch it? No spoilers, please, I'm not yet mid-season.

Meme, stolen from ariastar

1. Comment with any character you know I've written.
2. Receive three bits of trivia about their sexuality: practices, preferences, experiences, fantasies, kinks, etc.
3. Profit!

Crash and burrrrn.
I've had such an awesome happy productive week, o flist - I wrote minific for But I'm a Cat Person and Rivers of London! and  fluffy OOC Avengers - but today it all burned out and I'm feeling melancholy and morose.

So! Come distract me?

OTP meme, as stolen from everyone everywhereCollapse )

Well, don't choose 26, because if I could ramble autonomously, I'd do it without the aid of memes. Might reply right away, or might take a day or two, depending on examage.

I have seen the tumblr light
Q: what is tumblr for?

old, wrong A: keeping in touch with fandom trends; obtaining gifs; making yourself feel old even when you're not yet 23

new, correct A: stalking people who are bitching about the new Who episode.

squee-harshing spoilersCollapse )

Feelings, flist? Feels, even?

1. So I have finished all of Leverage, and I am enamoured entirely. What're your opinions on this season? Also, I am writing three separate Hardison/Parker idfics and trying and desperately failing to think of a good ship for Eliot. ETA: Or, also, a good adopted child. Does anyone have a fandom with lots of unhappy orphan types?

2. Has anyone read Team Human? I'm lazily re-reading and noticing all the flaws (Anna and Ty, mostly), but also really really enjoying the worldbuilding.

3.  meme time, because I've been plenty ~creative~ but utterly distractable lately:

1) Give me a fandom plus character/pairing, and FIVE one-word
2) I'll see if I can write you five one-sentance ficlets based on them

Stolen from icarus_chained !

It's that time of year again!
The time of sweat, tears, exams, and hc_bingo cards! They're especially pretty and green this year and my prompts are LOVELY, especially the second row. And the fourth column. And, mmm.
My hc_bingo cardCollapse )
Also, I have intense Game of Throne feelings and the gist of them is "SHAE, PLEASE MARRY ME (TOO)." What are your Game of Thrones feelings and general life-type feelings?

Edited later, because, realisation I ALSO have intense Avengers feelings, of course, and most of them are Bruce-Pepper-Tony shaped. Let's discuss this. Anyone else eyeing Avengers fandom with wary interest?

fic! yes, really.
So, this is the first fic I've written in years that took more than one afternoon to complete. I am absurdly proud.

Written for hc_bingo 's May Amnesty Challenge (my prompt: runaways!). The fandom is Tanya Huff's novel, Fire's Stone, but it's a modern AU thing, so I think you should probably be able to follow/enjoy even if you're unfamiliar with the canon.

Warnings: character death, violence, suicidal themes

Title: Come Along and Take That Ride

under the cutCollapse )

in which I enthuse
FIRST there is a fic you must read if any of the following sentences appeal to you: "Doctor Who / Hunger Games fusion", "epic Rose-Martha friendship action gen", "cross-District mythology being made flesh", "Panem Dalek backstory", "Amy Pond and Finnick Odair kissing for the Greater Good". It's the best crossover I've possibly ever read; it, I don't know, makes both the canons glow. Or, at least, it fully reflects the awesome of Doctor Who and, to me, far surpasses the awesome of Hunger Games. (or, at least, it gives me a Hunger Games I can care about)

The Wolf and the Mockingjay by honorh who, I hear, is working on a sequel.


SECONDLY I did a meme! Got it fromarsenicjade . 

1. Leave a comment to this post, specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter. 

3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

I got the letter A.

Politely vague spoilers for ASOIAF, big spoilers for BtVS (but come on, that was ages ago), and also there's a webcomic and some books I like, none of which I'm spoiling.Collapse )

and in the darkness bind them
I had an exam today I will only partially pass AND YET it was the best fun I had all year, so does that make me:
a. tragic
b. blessed
c. both and also likely to be looking into tornado-chasing once uni ends?

Anyway, swiping a game from  ariastar because it looks really awesome:

"The One Ring game basically goes: think of (a) character(s) from a fandom other than LotR, and figure out what would happen if they were given the One Ring and charged to destroy it. So, for example: Neville Longbottom would destroy that sucker; Andrew Wells from Buffy would hide in a dark room with it and call it his Precious and be totally useless; [...] Give me characters! I will tell you what they do! Epic quests and evil overlords for all!"

Andrew so would though.

What's new with you, dears?

A Meme of Her Own Making
i am about to love
Happy New Year, friends and listers!

I felt like posting about the new Sherlock, but I haven't actually watched it yet - I'm struck in that awkward rut where you REALLY WANT TO WATCH but also don't want to ruin a moderately good thing.

So, instead, I've been making a list of 15 Favourite Characters Ever and let me tell you, it was very harrrrd. Indeed, such toil and suffering went into it, I have no choice but to share it with you, my dears! I was thinking you could do it too?

Ignore the fact this is actually 20 characters. I'm a mathematician, I do what I want.Collapse )

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ask me about my feelings for however many characters you want to hear about - seriously, I could talk about these people for days - and then, if you want to, post a similar list to your own journals and thereby set forth a cycle of holiday-time squee.


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